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Thai Railways

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Thailand Train Routes and Lines

Thailand's extensive railway network, reaches the furthest extremities of its borders with Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. ThaI Railways has convenient international rail connections into Malaysia and Singapore as well. Thai Railways has train services to all its regions (North, Northeast, East, Central, and South), but not to all its popular destinations. Most of Thailand's major cities have a centrally-located rail station and offer convenient bus/boat connections to nearby destinations without rail access. Bang Sue is the Main Station and Junction out of Bangkok for All Lines Northern, Southern, Northeastern, Western, but not Eastern.

Thai Railways Northern Line Heads directly North from Bangkok. It passes historical places like Ayutthaya (Former Capital), Sukhothai, and popular destinations like Chiang Mai, Thai Railways popular Northern Hub. Thailand's Northern Line pretty much goes straight up North from Bangkok, with only one or two very small branches splitting off from the main line.  read more.... Thai Railways Southern Line heads South to Thailand's Southern Peninsula and its popular beach destinations. It also goes to the Thai / Malay Border, with connections into Malaysia and Singapore. Thailand's Southern Line is pretty much one main line heading South to the Malaysian Border, with a few minor branches splitting off from the main line.  read more.... Thai Railways Northeastern Lines travel to the more rural, less-touristed area of the Northeast (Isaan). The sights there range from colorful festivals, to the famous Khmer Temples of Phanom Rung. Northeastern Thailand (Isaan) shares its borders with both Laos and Cambodia. Thai Railways Northeastern Line Branchs off into two Lines. One goes to Ubon Ratchathani (near the Cambodian Border). The other line goes to Nong Khai (on the Laos Border).  read more.... Thai Railways Eastern Lines travel East through areas between Bangkok and the Cambodian Border. Thai Railways Eastern Line has two main lines that branch off at Chachoeng Sao Junction. The North Eastern Line goes to Aranyaprathet, on the Cambodian Border. The East Coastal Line goes to Pattaya, Sattahip and Mab Taphud, on the Gulf of Thailand Coast.  read more.... Thailand Railways Western Lines are Thai Railways Shortest Lines, heading West and Northwest from Bangkok. Thailand Railways Western Lines branch off at Nong Pla Duk Junction into two Sub-Lines. One 'sub-line' heads West to Kanchanaburi (the 'River Kwai Bridge'), near the Myanmar Border. The other 'sub-line' heads Northwest to Suphan Buri. The Mae Khlong Mahachai Railway (unconnected to the SRT Railway Network) heads to some pleasant seaside villages near Bangkok. read More.... Thai Railways connects with the Malaysian Railway System at two points on the southern Thai / Malay Border, Padang Besar and Sungai Kolok. The only Passenger Train Service connections are via Padang Besar. Thai Railways connects with Malaysian Railways' Singapore Line at Padang Besar and goes down Peninsular Malaysia to Singapore. read more...

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