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Transfers to and from Thai Railways Stations

For transfers to and from stations to your final destination like a pier, directly to the hotel or a dedicated location we can recommend the transfer service of  They offer a very reliable and timely service. Their service is pretty much specialized for the South of Thailand in fact from Hua Hin ( Cha-am) to Hat Yai or even beyond to Penang ( Butterworth)
We have compared their prices and they are sometimes up to 60% cheaper than other transfer agencies, they do not have a middle men, therefore can offer these great prices.

As for their record they are in operation since 2003 and have very good vehicles especially for Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta and Trang their fleet is very new and they do also have luxury sedans like the Toyota Camry which is sometimes quite useful if you are 3 person or have more luggage as usual. Most operators take only 2 adults on board of a sedan, so if ordering a luxury sedan you may travel with 3 adults or 2 adults and a child older than 12 years. It is less expensive and if you are travelling with a small group who wants to sit in a big van it is less comfortable and communication is not the same.
Also they have stored on every sedan and van a baby seat, which is not common.

Last not least to mention their vans, we call them the supervans are very spacy and comfortable for 10 adult passengers. Some of the supervans are equipped with DVD players and a TV screen, so if you have children or even you on a longer trip can watch you own movies if taken on the journey.

The direct link to the transfer page is for

Krabi Taxi

Phuket Taxi

Koh Samui
Samui Taxi

Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta Taxi

Trang Taxi

Satun Taxi

As we said they are specialized in the South however they can also arrange transfer from for example
Bangkok Airport onwards. We recently did that and saved several hundred baht just to a Bangkok hotel and on another occasion from the airport to Koh Samui ( Donsak Pier ) where we saved more than a thousand Baht.

They do not offer these routes officially on their booking page but we did it by sending an inquiry by mail.

We look out for a reliable provider in the North and the rest of Thailand and will post it on the Blog.

If you travel on tight budget as single or couple it might be helpful to check the following resource,
however in most cases traveling with more than 3 person is less expensive by minibus.

Good Luck

Your Thai Team

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