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Buying food on and off the train

Buying Food on a train adventure is pretty easy even you have not had sufficient time or feeling to take food with you. In fact on almost every bigger train station or city you are passing by there will be a bunch of vendors jumping on the train selling cold cuts or sometimes ready meals
It must not be necessarily a big town, it also depends on the time of stopover at the station. But one thing for sure if the train stops you will find foodand water on the station a few meters from the track. It is not like in Western cities where you would have to walk half a mile to find some kiosk.
But be careful when jumping off the train for food. Thai people are never in a hurry so you could miss the train because the lady is inviting you to some “interesting conversation”. You rather always have an eye on the officials who are present close to the train during the stop. You might be lucky and meet a train official who speaks some broken English and ask for the duration of stop. But use  a short sentence and basic English when asking !!

Food from vendors.

Mostly rice with beef, or fried rice with chicken in a styropor box with the typical Thai spicies and herbs along it. It is usually the ever present fish sauce as salt replacement with some chili. Sometimes you will get also Fried Chicken Wings or legs.  If you are lucky you will meet some guys who are selling mangos and bananas. D 


In a range of 40 to 60 Baht but more on the lower side.  A bottle of water 500ml is usually 10 to 15 Baht.

Last Option Dining Car:

Most trains with a so called “luxury class” or the ones which are called ‘Express” and one would not believe

 “Super Express” are equipped with a dining car. But do not get things wrong and think about dining car in Western terms. The Dining Car in a Thai train is without air condition. The windows are always open which is very exciting.
It is quite loud due to the bumps and sometimes very busy, especially with Thai traders and salesmen. Nevertheless
it is a worthwile thing to do. Last not least you will be many hours in this train so some change is really refreshing. You may almost order anything from the Thai kitchen but they prefer to sell their prepared 3 different style menus.

Dining Car Food Prices:

The Menus including one hot meal, coffe or tea and some fruits range from 120 to 180 Thai Baht.
The Breakfast Menu is usually 60  to 100 Baht.

If you would rather have some beer or other drinks we recommend to order a la carte which is a bit more expensive but you can be sure that you will get very fresh food, so it might be worth it.

Opening Hours:

Not really fixed like everything in Thailand but usually 30 minutes to one hour after the train leaves until 11.00 p.m.

TIP : (if everything goes wrong )

Now it could happen that you are late and there is just no more seat available in the car and it also does not look that the situation will change.  Then about 60 Minutes to 90 minutes after the train leaves some waitresses from the dining car are passing by every compartment to pick up orders. But these orders are limited to their menu selection.
The ladys will bring you the food to your seat usually about 15 minutes to 20 minutes later. So look out for the ladies. We need to mention that this is a sure thing if you take an overnight train. They always pass by at around 6.00 p.m.

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  • Thanks, good read, I’ll check out some of your other posts! xXx

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